The Healing Soulution
It is my mission to inspire women struggling with Hashimoto's dis-ease...
The Healing Soulution
to feel empowered to heal, reverse, and prevent further autoimmune dis-ease,
The Healing Soulution
integrate knowledge, skills, and practices to live in vibrant health...
The Healing Soulution
and confidently share their unique and powerful gifts with this glorious world.

Janis E. Mckinstry, MA.

MA Counselling Psychology
INL2 150
Institute of Nutritional Leadership
HSA Nutritional Therapist
Nutritional Therapist
Hashimotos institute
Hashimoto's Institute Practitioner

About Me


am an empowered Highly Sensitive Baby Boomer Woman, which for me means that I am highly intuitive, clairsentient, and feel spirit and emotions deeply. I have had many spirit filled experiences that have transformed my life from ordinary to Sacred. In fact, one of the healing aspects I teach is to find the Sacred in the ordinary, the sublime in the mundane, and live in gratitude for the wonder of life. I have spent my life feeling wonder, and have experienced trauma, much sorrow, and sadness too. Perhaps you have also experienced things that have changed your life. Being diagnosed with several autoimmune dis-eases has done that for me. I was lost for a while until I learned how to heal and reverse them while lovingly preventing further dis-ease through my healthy lifestyle. I know the ups and downs and ins and outs of what that feels like to not be at my best. Actually, I’ve been to the darkest lowest valley of my soul and almost gave up. I needed help, and I felt so invisible to doctors, friends, and family as I struggled with the multitude of strange symptoms of autoimmune dis-ease. I was so tired of canceling dates, not being able to participate in social outings, hearing “but you look so good” and “you just need to try harder.” I needed support, guidance, and helpful information to begin the healing process, not dismissal. I am here to tell you that we can heal and find wellness in our lives again. I’ve been diagnosed with several autoimmune dis-eases and I’ve healed them with the skills and tools that I want to share with you. I empowered myself with knowledge, I became my own advocate, I chose to fully love myself through everything I put into my body, mind, spirit and emotional self. I threw away unneeded medications and costly appointments with prescription fillers and embarked on a healthy holistic autoimmune lifestyle journey that I call The Healing Soulution. Now, every morning (and often throughout the day) I pause and give thanks for my amazingly bright, pain free and wonderful life! I couldn’t have imagined a life without pain and struggle a few years ago, and now, here I am singing on the mountaintop (well, the hillside at least) that we can do it! I am passionate about guiding you to your own sense of being whole and well again! Let’s move forward on this transformational life path. I’m here to tell you that life doesn’t have to be full of suffering and that it can be vibrant and rewarding if you just make a few meaningful commitments to your own empowerment. I’m here to guide you to do just that. I hold a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology with a specialization in Transpersonal Psychology as well as diplomas in Nutritional Therapy, Nutritional Leadership, and The Hashimoto’s Institute. I have studied major world religions, cultural wisdom traditions, and spirituality including Non Dual Wisdom, Nature Spirituality, Shamanism, Akashic records, Mindfulness and Loving Kindness, and am an ordained minister with Universal Life Church. I am honored to share my awareness of being interconnected and interdependent with all forms of life. I believe that we each have an important effect on those around us, and as we each heal we serve to heal the world. I am dedicated to making my impact a lovingly healthy and positive effect and would love to walk this healing path with you.

Just a Few Words from My Clients

  • Janis, from the moment I stepped into your living space I felt that I entered a sacred space; that I walked through a thresh-hold that had a quality of spaciousness and stillness.  What was so precious to me was the way you made it so natural to move from the mundane subjects of life in general to topics related to private practice and future career goals. I felt heard deeply and that allowed me to re-imagine alternatives and possibilities that I cold not have before our meeting. I can’t thank you enough for your gentle yet clear professional guidance, your helpful suggestions and most of all your collaborative and supportive spirit. One session with you helped clarify my thoughts around the direction of my profession. Thank you so much.

    Meheret FS
  • For the past few years I've been suffering from joint inflammation, to the point I was starting to lose full use of my hands.  For nearly two years I took large dosages of Naproxin and Ibuprofen, until it began affecting my heart.  I'd also been chronically tired and fuzzy-minded and never felt quite awake.  Janis took a great interest in my case and spent a lot of time talking with me about my symptoms and history, and recommended a diet that I've been following for five months with great success.  She also gave suggestions for further medical testing. My hands are now in better shape than they ever were with NSAIDs, and seem to continue improving.  A side effect of the great nutrition I've been getting is I've lost over ten pounds without even trying. I sleep better and wake up easily for a change, the brain fog has lifted and I feel generally more comfortable and happy as a result.  I think my way of eating has been changed forever - thanks Janis!

    Mark M
  • Thank you Janis for this very surprising week of discovery, rediscovery and self-revelation. My time with you was a turning point in my life Janis. I am still integrating all the blessings. You let me see that freedom is real. Freedom from stereotypes, freedom to choose what to eat, where to go. It was awesome to get in the car and go. No explanation, no justifying why, what, when, etc.Freedom to choose does not mean either or.... I learned that from you. I come from a culture that choosing means "either or”. No integration of opposites.You are a loving icon of tolerance.At the same time you are very clear about boundaries. It's so inspirational because you do it with LOVE; that's your DNA.

    Marina G
  • Janis is amazingly tuned in to the psychospiritual world that those fortunate enough to work with her are living within. I recommend her highly for life guidance, wisdom and tuning into one's soul purpose.

    Tina Kopko said: Tina Kopko, MA, MFT #53393

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